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Welcome to our site!

In our work, the most valuable - is the trust of customers, which obliges and makes us constantly to carry out and satisfy the requirements of those clients, who have trusted us and make purchases through the supermarket MG. We are open daily from 9.00 AM to 22.30 PM. Since the foundation of supermarket MG all personnel is guided by the following principles:


A flexible system of
discounts and promotions


Low prices
high quality



We wish you a nice day and good shopping!

Our stores

Erebuni / Muratsan St., 113/1,  Nor Nork / 2nd Micro-District, Moldovakan St., 72,  Erebuni / Nor Aresh, 15/14,  Avan / Duryan 39,  Malatia-Sebastia / B-2 Babajanyan 147/1,  «MG Voske Petak» Vardenis / V. Hambardzumyan St., 7,  
«MG Qaxcrik» Vardenis / Yeritasardutyan St., 18/3

Our employees

We believe in the development of our country and we are proud that we are part of the development process...

Best Partners

Contact us

  • Main office / Nor Aresh, 19th St., 10/1
  • Erebuni / Muratsani St., 113/1
  • Erebuni / Nor Aresh St., 15/14
  • Nor Nork / 2nd Micro-D., Moldovakan 72
  • Avan / Duryan St. 39
  • Malatia-Sebastia / B-2 Babajanyan 147/1
  • Vardenis / V. Hambardzumyan St., 7
  • Vardenis / Yeritasardutyan St., 18/3

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