асфальтирование чехов
асфальтирование домодедово
асфальтирование в ступино
укладка тротуарная плитка в ступино
Укладка асфальта
укладка тротуарной плитки домодедово
асфальтирование в истре
ремонт дорог в истре
асфальтирование дорог
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About us

History of our trade began on August 14, 2004, in the shop on the Muratsan street, 113/1. This is the first grocery store opened by our company. Some time later, trust and encouragement of customers allowed us to open new stores in different communities of Yerevan. The goal of all personnel of MG  supermarket is to achieve excellence in any field of endeavor…

On complaints and suggestions, please call.

Special offers to our partners.

Your advertisement can be placed at the MG supermarket plastic bags.


Our employees

We believe in the development of our country and we are proud that we are part of the development process...

Best Partners

Contact us

  • Main office / Nor Aresh, 19th St., 10/1
  • Erebuni / Muratsani St., 113/1
  • Erebuni / Nor Aresh St., 15/14
  • Nor Nork / 2nd Micro-D., Moldovakan 72
  • Avan / Duryan St. 39
  • Malatia-Sebastia / B-2 Babajanyan 147/1
  • Vardenis / V. Hambardzumyan St., 7
  • Vardenis / Yeritasardutyan St., 18/3

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